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Academic Advisors at USC

How to find your advisor#

You can find the contact information for your academic advisor on the Dornsife website.

What you can expect from your advisor#

These are things that your advisor usually helps you with:

  1. Determine which courses you need to take to satisfy your degree requirements.
  2. Lift your registration hold so you can register for courses.
  3. Mediate conflict between you and your professors.
  4. Discuss your academic goals.
  5. Determine whether your academic goals can be satisfied in your desired time-frame (e.g., four years / eight semesters).
  6. Transfer courses from other academic institutions.
  7. Find general resources.

What you can do on your own#

Each academic advisor has many, many students. It is recommended that you take initiative and prepare for your appointments with your advisor because you are ultimately responsible for your own academic success and are most aware of your long-term goals. These are things that you can do on your own before or after meeting with your advisor:

  1. Find out which courses you need to take to satisfy your degree requirements by looking at your STARS report. To find your STARS report, log in to, log in to OASIS, then click STARS report. You can also visit the STARS Interactive Audit Report on the same page.
  2. Think about which courses you want to take by looking at
  3. Think about which minors or majors you want to add by looking at
  4. Get D-Clearance for the courses you want to take by contacting the department directly as indicated at
  5. Talk to your professors about which courses they recommend that you take.
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